The Bigger Win

Sam stood nervously behind the podium. It was his turn next. Think! Think! What had Miss Maggie and he practiced for the past two weeks? Stand up straight. Shoulders back. Approach the microphone, lean in. NO JOKES! NO JOKES! No inappropriate comments. He desperately... read more

Finding the Stars

I sat in an office listening to a recent SPARK U graduate telling me that as soon as the principal could find a replacement, she was done. She was so discouraged and disillusioned that she felt her only way out was quitting. Her hopes and dreams were crushed and she... read more

The Day After

“I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the UNITED States of America…” This was the way I began my day after the election. Standing in sync with 11 ELL (English Language Learners) that represented 6 different countries, pledging allegiance to their... read more

Reflection and Change

Wow! SPARK U completed 5 weeks in three states! I met and worked with some incredible teachers that were dedicated to improving their craft, loving their students and spreading a “spark” to those around them. Every place I went, I met teachers who were... read more
Imagine a School

Imagine a School

We spent two days observing classrooms, coaching the teachers and offering a workshop on positive discipline during our visit to Emvembili Central Primary School in Swaziland, Africa

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A Success Story

When I was at SPARK U this summer, I set some goals that have been taped to the top of my desk ever since: 1) High Expectations 2) Clear Objectives 3) Check for understanding before moving on to the next step 4) Effective practice more often.   Basically, I... read more

Case Study: Mineral County School District

 In 2012, Chris Schulz, Superintendent of Mineral County School  District, knew he had serious and complex issues. The following is a forthright  description of  how he tackled and ultimately solved problems that many districts face. A District in Distress When I came... read more

Remember, “It is not the experience we learn from, but the reflection back on that experience that true growth occurs.”

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