SPARK University 1.0

SPARK 1.0 offers hands on professional development with proven classroom principles and strategies for teachers at every career stage.

     Designed to reignite and refresh the passion, pride, and purpose in teaching.

July 8 – 12 (Virtual)
 July 15 – 19 (In-person at Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ)


SPARK University 2.0 Online Course  

SPARK 2.0 is a highly engaging, self paced online course that is designed to reinforce, extend, and apply the concepts delivered in SPARK 1.0.


SPARK University for Instructional Leaders

Designed exclusively for administrators and instructional leaders.

This intensive course builds on the proven foundational principles of SPARK U, with an emphasis on effective supervision, conferencing and evaluation.

                                    September 19th-20th

                                             September 26th-27th



                                  SPARK U Refresher

 A perk of teaching is being able to press the “re-start” at key times throughout the year. SPARK U is offering a 2-day refresher on some of the key elements of a healthy classroom

Dates to be announced


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  • Tuition for SPARK U 1.0 (5-Day training) is $499.
  • Tuition for SPARKU 2.0 is $399
  • Tuition for SPARK U for Instructional Leaders (4-Day training) is $499.
  • Tuition for SPARK U (2-Day) Refresher is $199
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