SPARK 2.0 is Now Available as an Online Course

NOW you can receive all the benefits of SPARK 2.0 in an Online Course — the same deep knowledge and highly engaging, inspiring delivery direct from SPARK U founder Mary Matheson, the same excitement, infectious community spirit, and personal interaction, and the same rejuvenating takeaways.

But now you can get it all in your slippers, on your couch (or your favorite Starbucks™).

It’s SPARK 2.0 on your own time.

Enrollment for Summer Session 2023 opens June 7th!

The new SPARK 2.0 Online is now open for Summer Session enrollment. The new Summer Session begins after June 7th. Enroll today @



How Does The SPARK 2.0 Online Course Work?

It’s simple.

First, you enroll using a simple, secure online form similar to any checkout page you’ve ever visited.

If your school or district has prepaid your tuition, simply enter your Enrollment Code where shown and you’re in! There is no additional software needed and you can use your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop computer (PC or Mac) — anywhere you have Internet access.—SPARK 2.0 Online is available to you 24/7. (hello night owls!).

SPARK 2.0 Online follows the same 3-Day schedule as the live course BUT — you can go through each SPARK 2.0 Module at your own pace AND you have up to three full weeks to complete the course. Morning, noon, or night, SPARK 2.0 is ready for you.

Once you’re enrolled we’ll send a SPARK 2.0 Welcome Kit right to your door with pre-course preparation tips and other information. Then, when your course opens, it’s time to dig in and get started.

What’s Covered In The SPARK 2.0 Online Course?

Identical to the live course, this highly engaging, reality-based course is designed to reinforce, extend, and apply concepts that were experienced in SPARK 1.0.

SPARK 2.0 reinforces, deepens, and extends all the concepts introduced in SPARK 1.0 by taking the core values of passion, pride, and purpose to a deeper, more focused level.

Just like the live course, the three-day SPARK 2.0 Online Course curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Assessment
  • Rigor
  • Task Analysis
  • Alignment
  • Questioning Strategies
  • Metacognition
  • Grit and Reflection
  • Project-Based Learning

All topics begin with an essential question, followed by the completion of an artifact that will enhance your current teaching practices.

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