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SPARK U is a curriculum designed for teachers by teachers. It emphasizes the foundations of instruction by which all other research based practices, programs and strategies are based.  SPARK U provides the most important first step in the understanding and application of high quality instruction.  Without SPARK U, no program, initiative, or strategy will have the impact on student success that they are designed to produce.
Who should attend SPARK U?
SPARK U is designed primarily for the teacher who has had some prior  experience in the classroom.  Ideally, SPARK U reaches the teacher who has had some experience in the classroom and want to refresh and re-energize their teaching. This also includes teachers who are changing grade levels, have come back from a teaching hiatus, have no teaching induction program and are brand new to the teaching experience.
When is SPARK U offered?
SPARK U is offered only in the summer. Due to the length of the training, 5 days, summer is our only option.  The energy and enthusiasm that surrounds SPARK U builds throughout the week, culminating in a change in attitude and confidence to face the most challenging and rewarding profession of our time!
Where is SPARK U located?

Currently, SPARK U is offered for one week in-person and one week virtually.  However, plans to expand SPARK U to Northern Arizona and Nevada are in the works, as well as other locations across the country!

Will I get credit for attending SPARK U?
Yes!  Upon completion of SPARK University, a teacher will receive 36 hours of teacher re-certification.
Is SPARK U researched based?
Yes.  Every module that is offered at SPARK U is based on research. In fact,  SPARK U highlights what the research says on each concept that is presented.  This equips the teacher to not only feel that the practices are good for students, but can stand on solid evidence that is proven to produce positive results in the classroom.
Is there a SPARK 2.0?
Yes.  Currently, SPARK U 2.0 has been offered in limited areas. But we are working to expand this offering to all SPARK U 1.0 graduates, and will be  available soon!
How will I keep the SPARK alive?
SPARK U promises not to “love you and leave you”!  There is a specific and comprehensive plan to follow up the enthusiasm with coaching, collaboration and connections after you attend SPARK U.

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