Wow! SPARK U completed 5 weeks in three states!

I met and worked with some incredible teachers that were dedicated to improving their craft, loving their students and spreading a “spark” to those around them.

Every place I went, I met teachers who were ‘burned out’ and needed an extra boost to catapult them into a new year. Here is how one teacher expressed it,

“After teaching for 24 years I really felt I lost my enthusiasm. I was going through the motions but felt I wasn’t as passionate as I used to be. Well, I can honestly say that I came out of that workshop very rejuvenated. You gave us so many great ideas that we could use to become a more effective teacher and I am so excited to use them. You were always so positive and energetic everyday which was so refreshing.”

During SPARK we emphasized what you may do ‘differently’ in the upcoming year. A new set of rules and expectations? A new passion for your content? A renewed sense of purpose for why you teach? Whatever the reason you chose, there are some obstacles that may get in your way. Remember the “Blame Game”? Is that beginning to creep in? Think of your goals, your reflections or the feeling you had on the final day of SPARKU. Make those reflections, and dreams  a reality by taking the first necessary steps forward into a new year.

Thank you for dedicating one week of growing, laughing and learning this summer.  You all are incredible people and was an honor to work with each of you.   I hope that you have one of the BEST years of your teaching career.

Here is a link to more ideas on how to “make the change”:

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